IMG_5227I am a leadership and executive coach for high performing managers and teams.  I specialize in building confidence and enhancing self-expression to accelerate the achievement of goals.  I also pursue public speaking, hosting and interviewing.  I actively bring this perspective into my coaching style to build greater capability to express ones self.

I provide one-on-one coaching, workshops and speaking engagements, especially on leadership, self-expression and confidence building.  I also provide interview and hosting services for individuals, companies and events.

I am professionally trained through an accredited coaching program and certified by the International Coaching Federation .  I have successfully worked with over a thousand individuals and this experience allows me to bring a unique perspective on human behavior.  I am also certified in instructional design and I have a deep interest in Neuroscience which I am currently pursuing.  I grew up on stage singing and dancing and spent 10 years in the fashion industry before pursuing my current career.

My style is born from a blend of my experience with leadership and talent development, training, coaching, research, continuous education, countless interviews and mentorship with professionals, which has made it clear to me that the ability to express yourself is crucial for success and adaptation through time.

To work with me or  for more information write at: jendaure@gmail.com or call 267-421-7534

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