Hello there!  My name is Jennifer Daure, I am an Executive Coach, Self-Expression Expert and Host.  It is amazing meeting you!  Below I share about my transformational journey to where I am today.  I look forward to connecting with you through The Self-Expression Manifesto – a blog dedicated for all in leadership positions who seek to  get ahead in their business or career!

Prior to moving to the United States, my life was in Montreal with 10 successful years in the corporate fashion industry, a nice house, a wonderful husband and lots of friends. As much as it looked perfect on the outside, something was missing. I got caught up with how happy I SHOULD be with part of me refusing to believe that this was as good as my life would get. In my core I knew that living someone else’s dream was not what I had signed up for.

Working with an incredibly inspiring coach in 2006 completely transformed my perspective and ignited that unstoppable fire in me to be the creator of my life instead of watching it unfold before my eyes. If I had not done the work, I would not have moved to a different country, writing and expressing myself confidently in English, be with the most amazing man I know and certainly not take the leap into this career. Anyone looking at the odds, circumstances, what they knew, the statistics would have said all of this was destined to fail.

As a highly intuitive being and a lover of the human mind, I have since successfully partnered with hundreds of people around the world on performance enhancement, self-expression and achieving their goals.

Professionally trained with Accomplishment Coaching, The World’s Finest Coach Training Program™, and a member of the International Coach Federation, I am a diversity advocate for all who seek getting ahead in their business and career, and be the confident leaders of today.

It takes courage to be our own leader and whatever is missing in our lives, reveals itself as a gift once we hone our talents and master what we project from the way we communicate, to what drives our decisions and even what we wear.

To work with me or  for more information write at: info@jenniferdaure.com or call 267-421-7534

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