Self-Expression Wednesday

7-who we are in one sentenceFor your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook

Say out loud: “I am ______ [insert your name].”
That’s all of who you need to be.

We grow up wondering about and crafting what category we fit into.

We are thought we have to, or else! …

Or else what?


Do we really have to?

Does it really matter?

And if it does… for whom does it matter?

Mother or Father?


Our boss?

Our promotions?

Our ego?


What if we had it all backwards?

What IF… fitting our life and our being in ONE sentence was the biggest waste of our time and that to be free, it was the exact opposite we needed to pay attention to.

As a matter of fact it is!

We miss out on so much life experiences and present moments by worrying about where and how to fit in.

I’ve done it and personally, I am done with it.

I fit nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

We are all diamonds in the rough. None of us are the same and everyone is the same simultaneously.

Life is a paradox.

All of us are worthy of a book taking a lifetime to write up.

Be you. That is all you need to be.

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