Month: April 2018

Leadership Minute Monday – Self-Awareness

In this week’s soft skills workout I talk and give exercises about the MOST important and impactful skill you can cultivate throughout all the aspects of your life. This leadership minutes focuses on work environment, however you can apply the exact same strategies and exercises rituals at home. Clients who are receptive, strong and humble enough to respond and act on self-awareness coaching are the ones who become way ahead of their leadership curve. I’ve seen it… many times. Have a great Workout!  

Leadership Minute Monday – Punctuality

Being fashionably late is not fashionable. It took me about 30 years to finally get that being on time is a precious skill to a point that my mom used to give me times of departure 30 minutes before the actual… I never noticed until she eventually told me in adulthood… LOL Years later – I now have a reputation of being on the dot except on rare occasions since … well we are humans… (Thank you to a month on our relationship with time as part of one of my coaching trainings). So for anyone who struggles with punctuality, I feel your pain. And once you train yourself to cut it off for good, you can breathe SO much more and be even more effective overall. Not being on time is rude and waste precious productivity time for everyone who counts on you. Crank it up this week and have a great skills workout! ..this videos is a place to start… The rest takes a lot more digging to get rid of that habit. …