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Self-Expression Wednesday

Conditions being our internal and external environment. Ex: – I don’t feel good today. (Go anyway!) – “They” won’t let me. (So What? Allow yourself to believe in you. You don’t need “them”) – It “shouldn’t” be that way. (Maybe, but it is that way. Find another way. You are creative and smart.) – It’s impossible. (Is it really? Prove it to me.) Happy #MakeItHappenWednesday With tough love, Jen #SelfExpressionManifesto For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook

Self-Expression Wednesday

The more we play music whether it’s in or out of tunes, the more we create the harmonious nuanced and unique melodies of our lives. Self-Expression Wednesday #SelfExpressionManifesto Are you playing your music or someone else’s? For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook

Self-Expression Wednesday

For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook What if in stead of asking kids (and each other) the question: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”, we were asking in stead “What are all the things you see yourself doing through your lifetime?”

Self-Expression Wednesday

For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook There is no “one fits all”. Listen to your own rhythm, seek guidance.   Be mindful of where you are staring from. There are no short cuts, only fast tracks. Often times we rely on “how to” to find solutions or answers, when all we need to do is look within first. No one has lived our life exactly the way we have lived it.  

Self-Expression Wednesday

For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook Say out loud: “I am ______ [insert your name].” That’s all of who you need to be. We grow up wondering about and crafting what category we fit into. We are thought we have to, or else! … Or else what?   Do we really have to? Does it really matter? And if it does… for whom does it matter? Mother or Father? Society? Our boss? Our promotions? Our ego?   What if we had it all backwards? What IF… fitting our life and our being in ONE sentence was the biggest waste of our time and that to be free, it was the exact opposite we needed to pay attention to. As a matter of fact it is! We miss out on so much life experiences and present moments by worrying about where and how to fit in. I’ve done it and personally, I am done with it. I fit nowhere and everywhere at the same time. We are all diamonds in the rough. None of …

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Your diversity is your strength

When you spend a lot of time with me, you know I am all about equality. And even though the majority of my work revolves around women more specifically, I “secretly” am working on bringing both men and women of all colors, sexual orientations, life styles and cultures together. My “life goggles” see everyone and everything connected. No wonder I LOVE traveling so much! By focusing on bringing one group at the time up to their fullest potential, it naturally narrows down the barriers and discrepancies between diversities. However, the master key to it all is inclusion. In my blog post “How wide is your capacity to be with others”, I wrote, “I have never seen anyone I have worked with that was deprived from strengths or qualities”. The challenge is that a lot of people do not even know what their strengths and qualities are or sadly, they BELIEVE they do not have any that are valuable. Trust me, I have been there. I used to think that all my singing and on stage …

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The power of daily choices

In my post “How much do your choices dictate your results?”, I state “choice beats disciple and turns willingness into action”. I also talk about the positive impact of being consistent with our choices. The clients I attract are successful leaders who are eager to learn and achieve more. They understand that self-work is a lifetime journey and that navigating alone is no longer an option to be able to take strides. They also know that the more you rise to the “top” the less it becomes about them and all about the people and the mission they serve. They choose to do the work and even though it is not always easy, they always find a way to have fun with it and learn. Humor and lessons are key when we enter the “out of comfort” zone. And then comes the celebration when the light bulb goes on a blind spot and the results show up shortly after. They inspire me. Mainly, these leaders chose to do the work consistently. Both themselves and the …