Author: Jennifer

Why Self-Awareness is a leader’s greatest asset

In a recent HBR article “Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can” the co-authors wrote, “if the linear MBA-trained logic becomes the sole focus — at the cost of other skills, like self-awareness and understanding others and the culture — the leadership approach is out of balance.” Balance is a choice. You can only deeply understand this concept that “balance is a choice”, when you are self-aware. The ability to look at yourself in the mirror like who you really are from day to day requires courage, humility, practice, self-compassion, maturity and commitment; and the rewards are huge. Why? Competing priorities is an age-old universal challenge and at the end of the day, we are the ones who take (or not) the actions. When we are not aware of what our thoughts, words and actions are saying as a whole and/or the level of impact they have every day, how can we expect to gain the power over consciously choosing that balance? As we know, our actions speak loudly to our core priorities more than …

Self-Expression Wednesday

Conditions being our internal and external environment. Ex: – I don’t feel good today. (Go anyway!) – “They” won’t let me. (So What? Allow yourself to believe in you. You don’t need “them”) – It “shouldn’t” be that way. (Maybe, but it is that way. Find another way. You are creative and smart.) – It’s impossible. (Is it really? Prove it to me.) Happy #MakeItHappenWednesday With tough love, Jen #SelfExpressionManifesto For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook

Self-Expression Wednesday

The more we play music whether it’s in or out of tunes, the more we create the harmonious nuanced and unique melodies of our lives. Self-Expression Wednesday #SelfExpressionManifesto Are you playing your music or someone else’s? For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook