Month: October 2015

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How much do your choices dictate your results?

It is not rare that I will be out cooking in or eating out and have people say “why don’t you eat this, it won’t kill you” or “you do not need to loose weight” etc. What most of people fail to see about choosing a lifestyle is that it is just a choice and when it comes to succeeding, getting ahead and leading by example, you have to be consistent. It is by being consistent with our choices that we move better, faster and get results. Do I want my heart pump like crazy and feel sleepy an hour later because I ate too much sugar or do I want to feel energized throughout my day so I can keep focusing on positively impacting more lives? Choice. Choice beats discipline and turns willingness into actions. We are parents, leaders, friends, business owners, executives, high performers, change agents and so on. We are busy and on a mission. There are some days and areas of our lives that we go for easy and that is …

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A beginner’s mind– The Value of learning something all over again

When you are a kid, you have no fear. You want to see everything, touch everything and taste everything. There are no boundaries to your capacity of following your curiosity, try new things, stumble along the way and try again. The best part? Everything seems like a game and you get smarter along the way. When I went back to taking music-writing lessons over a year ago at the “Garden Street School of Performing Arts” in Hoboken, it was quite an experience. I remember being excited like a little girl and scared at the same time. Even though I had played the piano for a few years until I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and was actually good at it, I could not remember where my fingers were suppose to go on the keyboard just by glancing at the music sheets. I had to think again and re-learn what I already knew. The other challenge was that my music education was in Quebec. Just like in the movie “The sound of music”, we …

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Coming Full Circle – Time to Upgrade!

When we achieve what our own interpretation of success is, we become comfortable. We tend to act automatically during our day-to-day and have less and less of those self-reflective moments. We even resist our coaches and/or mentors for a while. What I always tell my clients when they achieve their goals is that this is exactly the moment when they need the most help. The more successful we get, the more Mister and Miss “Sabotage” will creep up. When all the high of success is gone, it becomes too good to be true or simply boring. Are we going to be able to sustain that success, are we still interested in it or are we even worthy of it all? …Says our inner voice. A few weeks ago, when I saw the 5th year anniversary of “Timeless Living” (my former lifestyle coaching company, a place to Ignite, Create and Celebrate your Uniqueness that I founded in 2010), I was amazed yet not surprised by how fast time flies. I have had the honor to professionally …