Coming Full Circle – Time to Upgrade!

When we achieve what our own interpretation of success is, we become comfortable. We tend to act automatically during our day-to-day and have less and less of those self-reflective moments. We even resist our coaches and/or mentors for a while. What I always tell my clients when they achieve their goals is that this is exactly the moment when they need the most help. The more successful we get, the more Mister and Miss “Sabotage” will creep up. When all the high of success is gone, it becomes too good to be true or simply boring. Are we going to be able to sustain that success, are we still interested in it or are we even worthy of it all? …Says our inner voice.

A few weeks ago, when I saw the 5th year anniversary of “Timeless Living” (my former lifestyle coaching company, a place to Ignite, Create and Celebrate your Uniqueness that I founded in 2010), I was amazed yet not surprised by how fast time flies. I have had the honor to professionally coach hundreds of the most amazing people under this brand.  At the end of 2014, I chose to let everything go and work 6 months for a consulting company. The first three months were amazing and the next three went down in flames. The gift was that I found myself again, got reminded of my purpose, my values and what I stand for human beings.

As one of my entrepreneurial mentor Richard Branson says, “purpose is not a buzzword anymore, it is a must have”. Without purpose in our work, we have no direction and we get lost floating around, waiting to see what will “fall” on us, hoping for rainbows and unicorns. Without a constant reminder of our purpose, we forget about it. Nothing wrong with any of this and believe me, I DO believe in rainbows and unicorns. My husband can testify on that one. They just are not quite reliable when it comes to take tangible actions to transform our inner and outer world.

And then comes various turning points in life where we outgrow our own messages. Even though I still stand for an individual’s uniqueness, I see much deeper.  In truth, everyone is already unique so my work is “done” in that area. What is not done is to take all that uniqueness existing and elevating it to those key elements that will make one get ahead and fall in love with success, without feeling the need to fit in a box.


That is the flavor of my upgrade, what I currently feel in my DNA and why I am taking a new direction with my business this year. Even though it does feel like starting over, all I am really doing is continuing my path, readjusting my trajectory and sharpening my skills.

As the saying goes, there are no destination to get to, only a purpose to follow.


Self-Expression Manifesto of the week: We are never really starting over, we are only continuing our path, readjusting our trajectory and sharpening our skills along the way.

Join the conversation: Share with us below a time when things came full circle and outgrew your own message. What gift(s) did you find in it?

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