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The rise of female role models, inspiring the next generations

As much as I love my “celebrity” male role models, I had no idea how it felt to actually be really excited about discovering a strong career woman character who can navigate the “boys club” like no other… until I “met” Wendy Rhodes. The media are bringing forth more and more of them and that is extremely refreshing to be able to relate.   And when 5 completely different people tell you, you should watch the series “Billions”, you do. Women are strong, capable, beautiful, brilliant and influential.  They should not be shy to shine and stand tall amongst all. Men are not scary. Women are not catty. When you look at someone in the eyes, you see no more genders, only the depth of someone’s mind and what it mirrors back to us. Our mind (men, women and every gender in between) is the MOST powerful tool we have.   It knows no inequality when we dare to let it wonder to what could be. And it gets sharper and wiser the more we become self-aware of ourselves and how …

Self-Expression Wednesday

The more we play music whether it’s in or out of tunes, the more we create the harmonious nuanced and unique melodies of our lives. Self-Expression Wednesday #SelfExpressionManifesto Are you playing your music or someone else’s? For your weekly Manifesto, follow me on: Facebook

Finding gratitude in curiosity

“When you wait long enough in life, something will happen that will undo your certainty”_ Elizabeth Gilbert. One of my mentors once told me, “even if it may feel like it, we never go around in circles”. I then realized that we are all on the road to somewhere whether we are clear or not about the direction we are heading. Things will always happen along the way, regardless of the clarity level of our “end game”. We have all seen various versions of pictures like this illustrating what achieving success really looks like vs. what we wish or thought it would be. In her talk “Flight of the Hummingbird – The curiosity driven life”, Elizabeth Gilbert shares about what fuels someone to take action, discover and connect the different parts of themselves along the way. She points out that it is OK if we are not born with that ONE thing meant for us to do and that we do not need to be “passionate” to succeed. As a matter of fact, a lot …

Coming Full Circle – Time to Upgrade!

When we achieve what our own interpretation of success is, we become comfortable. We tend to act automatically during our day-to-day and have less and less of those self-reflective moments. We even resist our coaches and/or mentors for a while. What I always tell my clients when they achieve their goals is that this is exactly the moment when they need the most help. The more successful we get, the more Mister and Miss “Sabotage” will creep up. When all the high of success is gone, it becomes too good to be true or simply boring. Are we going to be able to sustain that success, are we still interested in it or are we even worthy of it all? …Says our inner voice. A few weeks ago, when I saw the 5th year anniversary of “Timeless Living” (my former lifestyle coaching company, a place to Ignite, Create and Celebrate your Uniqueness that I founded in 2010), I was amazed yet not surprised by how fast time flies. I have had the honor to professionally …

Launching October 15th 2015! – See you VERY soon!

I am so excited to kick off the Self-Expression Manifesto journey with you on October 15th!  I have been thinking and talking about it for a few months already and I am psyched with the content that is being created for it. It is a mix between my expertise in Self-Expression as well as the wisdom of executive women I am interviewing through the process. Thanking you in advance for reading and click here to learn more about myself and here to learn more about the manifesto. Au plaisir! Jennifer