Leadership Minute Monday – Fashion Style Pep talk

What does your style say about you after you have already made your first impression in your career?

What you wear does not define who you are but you save many steps in your career progression when you carry yourself with confidence and dress the part.


One Reply to “Leadership Minute Monday – Fashion Style Pep talk”

  1. As promised in my segment, here is my most embarrassing work fashion story:

    I had a job as a medical secretary in college, working for 7 doctors. I was 18 y/o and one day, one of them called me in her office and told me:

    “We are not in a club here”
    I was mortified.
    I knew I had pushed it on that day. The black legging, shiny sleeveless shirt and sleeveless vest with a radical zipper were a little too much as a whole…

    She did not send me home, but I felt embarrassed of myself enough for the rest of my shift.

    This gave me a whole new meaning of what a professional wardrobe could look, be and feel like.

    Now your turn! What is yours?


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