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Are you answering your calls or stuck test calling?

“Can I have a minute?” Asks the third person that popped their head in your office in the past hour since you sat down to finally“do some work”. Now, however you handle those situations or the reason why this is happening varies. The most common things I hear from clients are: We have an open-door policy There is not enough time to do everything They need me If I don’t help them, things will fall apart Nobody is doing what they are supposed to do I have to be everywhere, so they all coming to me now But Jen, there is nothing I can do about this! (that’s my favorite 😉 ) People working with me quickly realize they are responsible for their own fate.  And even those who already knew this, realize how much they were underutilizing that awareness. One behavior that seems small and harmless, like allowing people to pop in the office, reveals very deep-rooted beliefs setting us up daily to keep things running the same. And, your brain is excellent at making sure you do …

Leap with grace – The courage to be unpopular

Leading is not easy. I was giving a workshop on managerial courage last week, and courage lives in everyone. All you need to do is get the tools to tap into it when feeling frozen, defeated, overwhelmed, overworked or better yet, develop greater self-awareness to know how to get over yourself and be able act long before feeling that way. As the character Benjamin in “We bought a zoo” said: “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally, 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery”. Leap. “Just like that.” If you keep doing different versions of the same thing and are waiting for things to change, they won’t unless you leap. Leaping further into your leadership means that making unpopular decisions with grace is part of your daily routine. It also means you will be wrong many times and judged based on the biases your team and colleagues around you have. I was having dinner with a dear friend last night and we were having a great conversation about women and different ways to …

Ditch you suit – Wear confidence

“Do not judge a book by its cover”, we all are familiar with that saying. Even though it is perceived as a very noble way of being, we judge all the time whether it is positively or negatively. It is a normal human behavior, and part of it stems from our cognitive biases. During a conference I did for my community in Hoboken, I talked about the importance of a first impression. According to a NYU research conducted by Dr. Michael Solomon, we make 11 critical decisions in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone new. 1. Education Level 2. Economic Level 3. Perceived Credibility, Believably, Competence and Honesty 4. Trustworthiness 5. Level of Sophistication 6. Sex Role Identification 7. Level of Success 8. Political Background 9. Religious Background 10. Ethnic Background 11. Social/ Professional / Sexual Desirability Whoever decided that wearing a suit meant looking professional had a good idea, but they completely left out the importance of style, fit, culture, body type, silhouette, comfort, personality and what one projects. And, the only reasons why jeans …

Leadership Minute Monday – Handing off the pizza cutter

Delegation is a conversation that happens at all level of leadership and you do not need me to tell you when, what and to whom. . No matter how seasoned  you are, delegating is not as easy as it seams.  It takes a lot of patience, trust, coach-like attitude and letting go. . In this two minutes segment, I share a pizza story that happened with my husband Todd, and he approves of the version… we’ve both been laughing quite a bit using it as an analogy since then and I could not fit it in only one minute!

Leadership Minute Monday – Predict your future by building bridges

The future knows no constraints, only the present does. If you are looking for a culture shift within your business or oganization or simply value keeping your leadership skills fit, you have to be able to take a sneak peak at your future.   It will evolve as you evolve, yet you still need that vision today and it certainly is a mindet that will pay off and have your future self thank you for. Have a great skills honing week!