Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday, Episode 8 – Do you have the right people by your side?

“Relationships are everything, and everything is relationships” _ Buckminster Fuller

You community is your greatest asset, but how do you know you are surrounded by the right one?

It’s much deeper than feeling welcomed or unwelcome. 


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“Relationships are everything and everything is relationships”

Buckminster Fuller understood that everything is interconnected and that to create something, you have to redefine reality.

And that by redefining reality, you don’t need to change anything.  You just have to look at what you have from a new light, a new angle, a new perspective.

Just like a kaleidoscope, your community is composed of many colors that when shaken, creates something different.


In theory.

The dimension of community in your leaderships style is the most important one because whether you adopt the posture of a leader or a follower, you need the right people by your side.  People are your biggest asset, and it’s all about connection.

You know you have a flourishing professional community when you don’t need the people in it.  I know it’s a paradox because yes of course you need your peers, employees, your mentors, friends, family and such to cheer for you, support you, lift you up and challenge you…  the nuance here is that the right people are there because they want to. 

And, if you find yourself being in a community you don’t want to be in, it’s a call for introspection.  Clinging to prestigious relationships just for the sake of prestige or wanting to be liked so badly by someone because it could further your career will suck the life out of you and make you waste precious time developing authentic relationships.  

The planet is filled with TONS of people who would be more than happy to have you around and with whom you’d also want to be around.  That’s the kind of community that is energizing for everyone involved.  

Leaders who are surrounded by energizing communities are influential because their impact goes way beyond the person in front of them.  

That said, when you look at your current professional network, what do you see?  Do you see people with titles and a use for everyone or do you simply see people you enjoy connecting with? And if you never really thought about connecting with them, it’s always time to start to redefine that reality, and create more authenticity in these relationships. 

Share with me in the comments below or in private messaging, one example you can think of, of someone in your community who supported you professionally, just because. 

And remember this, your community is not a linear thing.  Your time will come when you will know exactly the time is right to pay it forward, if you haven’t already.

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Until next time, thank you for watching, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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