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What can we learn from those we love to hate?

High achievers all had teachers who pushed themselves beyond limits. You know the ones who are borderline inappropriate or go overboard in their approach to teaching? I was watching the movie “Whiplash” on the plane on my way to the British Virgin Islands and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. There are various ways of being, coaching and mentoring I do not condone however, after watching the movie, I saw so much of how really pushing ourselves separates us from the bunch. Although I strongly believe in the importance of positive reinforcement and use it a lot to develop clients’, friends’ and family’s strengths and confidence, I do agree that the words “good job” said too many times is detrimental to someone’s growth into their highest potential. Would anyone strive for mastery if everything were good enough all the time? What motivates you to push yourself further? What keeps you going? What separates you from the bunch? How do you know you actually are at your highest and best you …

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Bobby Flay – The making of a master

It is no secret; my husband and I are home chefs, cooking fans, foodies, food snobs, etc. Even though my mother in law keeps telling us we should open a restaurant, we are clear that even thought we might own one someday; we do not want to be the Chefs in it. We enjoy hosting, entertaining and cooking for our friends more as one of our favorite hobby. And mostly, we love watching professional Chefs in action and obviously eating their creations. I remember the first time I started watching the “Food Network” in 2009 when I moved to the United States. I immediately loved “Iron Chef America”, where a lot of contestants chose Bobby Flay as their opponent. I kept wondering what was it about him that everyone wanted to measure against. I just love how confidence, focus and composure exude out of him every single time he is in action. He definitely has this aura of “the guy everyone wants to beat”. What I love the most about him is that he is …

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A beginner’s mind– The Value of learning something all over again

When you are a kid, you have no fear. You want to see everything, touch everything and taste everything. There are no boundaries to your capacity of following your curiosity, try new things, stumble along the way and try again. The best part? Everything seems like a game and you get smarter along the way. When I went back to taking music-writing lessons over a year ago at the “Garden Street School of Performing Arts” in Hoboken, it was quite an experience. I remember being excited like a little girl and scared at the same time. Even though I had played the piano for a few years until I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and was actually good at it, I could not remember where my fingers were suppose to go on the keyboard just by glancing at the music sheets. I had to think again and re-learn what I already knew. The other challenge was that my music education was in Quebec. Just like in the movie “The sound of music”, we …