The power of daily choices

In my post “How much do your choices dictate your results?”, I state “choice beats discipline and turns willingness into action”.

I also talk about the positive impact of being consistent with our choices.

The clients I attract are successful leaders who are eager to learn and achieve more. They understand that self-work is a lifetime journey and that navigating alone is no longer an option to be able to take strides. They also know that the more you rise to the “top” the less it becomes about them and all about the people and the mission they serve. They choose to do the work and even though it is not always easy, they always find a way to have fun with it and learn. Humor and lessons are key when we enter the “out of comfort” zone. And then comes the celebration when the light bulb goes on a blind spot and the results show up shortly after.

They inspire me.

Mainly, these leaders chose to do the work consistently. Both themselves and the world around them benefit from it like a ripple effect, and that’s how winning really looks like.

To choose or not to choose our goals, mission, career, etc. is a daily practice.

We can choose to:

1- make magic with them

2- change our mind

3- redirect them

4- turn them around

5- make them bigger/smaller

6- stick with them

7- ignore them

8- whine about them

9- Let them go

And so on.

Whatever we choose when we get up every morning is OK, as long as we are empowered by it. We are human, so sometimes whining will be freeing! If we are not empowered however, it is a sign that we are either living for someone else’s dreams, hopes or expectations or do not feel worthy enough.

One of the CEO I interviewed said it brilliantly when she shared that having goals for her company (and herself too), is very important. She added that it was AS important if not more, to know when to let them go or readjust them. I say it is exactly the same thing with anything we choose to do.

Things around us evolve when we are committed to make a difference and nothing ever stays static in time.

So if choice beats disciple and turns willingness into action; action is what changes the world. And you too can make that your daily choice!


Self-Expression Manifesto: The actions that changes the world stems from our empowered choices.

Join the conversation: What choices are your committed to make daily and what empowers you about them?

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