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The power of daily choices

In my post “How much do your choices dictate your results?”, I state “choice beats disciple and turns willingness into action”. I also talk about the positive impact of being consistent with our choices. The clients I attract are successful leaders who are eager to learn and achieve more. They understand that self-work is a lifetime journey and that navigating alone is no longer an option to be able to take strides. They also know that the more you rise to the “top” the less it becomes about them and all about the people and the mission they serve. They choose to do the work and even though it is not always easy, they always find a way to have fun with it and learn. Humor and lessons are key when we enter the “out of comfort” zone. And then comes the celebration when the light bulb goes on a blind spot and the results show up shortly after. They inspire me. Mainly, these leaders chose to do the work consistently. Both themselves and the …


The impact of leaders in action – Are you up for the challenge?

“What. after all. is the purpose of a woman’s life? The purpose of a woman’s life is just the same as the purpose of a man’s life: that she may make the best possible contribution to the generation in which she is living. _ Louise McKinney” This quote kicked off “The Lady Savant Society’s” Lunch & Learn I lead on October 21st about “Elevating your leadership style”. We discussed about what it takes to be a woman leader in what a lot of us see as a male’s driven world. We shared our successes, failures, what we learned about ourselves from all of them, the different contexts in which we come from and what type of leader each of us ought to be in the world. When it comes to leadership and what it entails, saying you are a leader does not make you one. Simon Sinek who I read his “notes to inspire” every morning  quotes “Saying you’re a leader doesn’t make you a leader. Leading makes you a leader.” It is no secret …

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How much do your choices dictate your results?

It is not rare that I will be out cooking in or eating out and have people say “why don’t you eat this, it won’t kill you” or “you do not need to loose weight” etc. What most of people fail to see about choosing a lifestyle is that it is just a choice and when it comes to succeeding, getting ahead and leading by example, you have to be consistent. It is by being consistent with our choices that we move better, faster and get results. Do I want my heart pump like crazy and feel sleepy an hour later because I ate too much sugar or do I want to feel energized throughout my day so I can keep focusing on positively impacting more lives? Choice. Choice beats discipline and turns willingness into actions. We are parents, leaders, friends, business owners, executives, high performers, change agents and so on. We are busy and on a mission. There are some days and areas of our lives that we go for easy and that is …