Are you answering your calls or stuck test calling?

“Can I have a minute?”

Asks the third person that popped their head in your office in the past hour since you sat down to finally“do some work”.

Now, however you handle those situations or the reason why this is happening varies.

The most common things I hear from clients are:

  • We have an open-door policy
  • There is not enough time to do everything
  • They need me
  • If I don’t help them, things will fall apart
  • Nobody is doing what they are supposed to do
  • I have to be everywhere, so they all coming to me now
  • But Jen, there is nothing I can do about this! (that’s my favorite 😉 )

People working with me quickly realize they are responsible for their own fate.  And even those who already knew this, realize how much they were underutilizing that awareness.

One behavior that seems small and harmless, like allowing people to pop in the office, reveals very deep-rooted beliefs setting us up daily to keep things running the same. And, your brain is excellent at making sure you do not have to think about how you do things and why, after you have integrated the behaviors.  It is a basic human survival function.

Leading as we were test calling constantly, is like living in trouble shooting mode all the time.  It is exhausting!  The thing is, you are not a machine to fix, you are human being with your own unique cocktail of skills “manual”, that is screaming to be expanded, understood and realized.

What are you called to change within your organization, but ultimately within you? 

If you are working with me or have worked with me in the past, you will have a much easier time answering that seemly simple question.

I see you.

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