Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday – Episode 5 – What’s the real deal about body language?

In this week’s episode, I talk about some of the myths and what is KEY to make your body language work FOR you.

You may actually be confusing your audience by using “power gestures”


Welcome to Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday, your Oasis of leadership embodiment.

Do you remember when your parents or an authority figure told you to watch your posture? 

In the last episode, I was sharing that 90% of communication is listening, 

Today, I want you to consider that the 10% involving speaking also includes our non-verbal cues!  Those verbal cues say way more than you think, and having a general idea of what power poses and gestures are, do not automatically translate to your audience when you give them a try.

Of course, when it comes to watching your body language, it is a lot more complex than walking up straight.  We tend to believe some of the myths out there like: 

  • Certain power gesture will make people respect you
  • Smile at everyone you meet – people will like and admire you.
  • Crossed arms means someone is feeling defensive or holding something back

As Janine Driver says in her book “You say more than you think” – “Trying to use body language by reading a body language dictionary is like trying to speak French by reading a French dictionary.  Things tend to fall apart in an inauthentic mess.  Your actions seem robotic; your body language signals are disconnected from one another. You end up confusing the very people you are trying to attract because your body language just tings false. Your customers continue to be unsure of you.  Your boss think you don’t respect her.  You date thinks you hate him.  Your lying teen just laughs at you.

That’s why we need to move beyond the vacuum of disjointed, artificial body language to an approach based on YOU – your Life, your history, your habits.  An approach that builds your confidence from the outside in, one that keeps expanding your potential the longer you use it.  But most of all, an approach that makes sense in your world, that applies in all situation, that feels natural and easy to you – because it is”

You see – “building confidence from the outside in” is KEY here because in this case, it’s a lot easier to adjust something your body is doing than transforming your mindset around it. Why?  Well, you can SEE the difference instantly.

Putting grooming and fashion style aside, Take a look at the way you show up and how people react to your presence when you speak.

Leaders who are conscious of what signals their body is sending are influential because they can be motivating, make people feel safe, inspire trust, invite respect and many other things, just by your sheer presence and even before opening their mouth.

I will leave you with this: “Body language do not work in isolated body parts; it’s your entire body is saying a phrase whether you speak or not”.

Share with me in the comments below or in private messaging how you use body language daily.

Until next time, thank you for watching, and I will see you next week with the dimension of fashion style.

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