Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday Episode 4 – How do you really know you’ve been understood?

Communication breakdowns happen all the time.

How do you really know you’ve been understood? The million-dollar question!

You may: 

  • Be tired of repeating yourself
  • Convinced you are clear
  • Not know how to say things anymore

In this video, learn what matters most in your communication style when you lead.

Welcome to Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday, your Oasis of leadership embodiment.

How do you know you’re understood?

The million-dollar question.

When communication breakdowns occur, I’ll often start there with my clients. 

And of course, as a typical first reaction, I will get a version of:

  • How many times do I have to repeat myself?
  • I AM clear Jen!
  • I don’t know how to say it anymore!

I know, I hear you… it’s frustrating and unfortunately, making sure people understand you go beyond speaking eloquently and concisely.  For example, I often work with leaders who are frustrated with their team or co-workers and I find myself reflecting to them they actually are 10,000 steps ahead in their thinking. 

There is NO way your team or co-workers will understand you, if you speak from a place they can’t even imagine, or sound like you are telling them to eat an elephant like you eat a smooth oyster.  Many Visionary leaders fit that profile.

Being a visionary is a good thing… However… people who are listening to you don’t have your eyes, ears, your work experience, your personality, your set of skills, your challenges, let alone the life you lived so far… This means that everyone else you work with also comes with all these things.  And, “all these things” create their lenses from which they translate YOUR words.

As you know, communication is SO much more than words.  

And to be understood, you have to understand your audience FIRST.

Leaders who keep working at making sure they are understood and received the way they intend to are influential because they know almost immediately, if what they have said have translated in people’s mind.    

In short, they meet people where they are at, and keep brushing up on their communication style.   

So remember this, your words DO matter, but what matters most when you lead is “are those words being received the way you intend to”. 

Share with me in the comments below or in private messaging how you felt the last time you thought you were crystal clear, and still experienced a communication breakdown.  I see you!

Until next time, thank you for watching, and I will see you next week with the dimension of body language.

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