Showing up is an inside job bigger than you

January 10th 2019 marked the first concrete milestone for the “Women in leadership who dare to play in the boys club initiative”.

Everyone who showed up on that day is a leader.

They all were in communication, I knew exactly who was going to show up and when, and I did not have to worry about anyone not having their things together.

…As a matter of fact, they came over-prepared and with the most beautiful enthusiasm and smile, especially after clearing out the energies from the commute to Brooklyn snafus.

All experts in their respective fields, my promise was to give them the opportunity to experience what it feels like when you go on a TV set. Let’s face it, even though I have been mostly writing lately, video is where it’s at in terms of positioning yourself, gaining greater credibility, get your audience to know you, getting business opportunities, and amplifying your message. As part of a women’s history month series, I actually am part of a panel on that very topic on March 7th. More on this when the flyer is out.

Planning the daylong photo-shoot brought me back to the days I hosted collaborative events, mainly for women in my New York and Hoboken Community.

It reminded me of the power of showing up everyday, no matter if there is one or 100 person interested in what you have to offer. You still have to deliver at your highest best.

If you have never sat in an empty room with no one to buy your product, service or listen to your message, been laughed at or being told no countless times – you have not showed up everyday ;).

I recently watch the documentary “Minimalism: A documentary about the important things” and it sparked the same reminder as Joshua Fields Millburn and his best friend Ryan Nicodemus were touring to share their message.

You have to be able to self-reflect, be genuine, willing to learn, patient, loving, relentless, resilient, interested in your offering(s), grounded in who you are and humble to succeed at your own definition of success.

The most important factor of all, showing up requires a deep understanding that once you put yourself out there, it becomes bigger than you.

As the days, weeks, months and years go by, your growth and the one of those around you will evolve and be in direct proportion with your level of showing up.


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