Consciousness lesson: Where does your wind blow?

Wind is the result of air movement.

It can clear the path or blurry it, depending on which environment you find yourself in.

Your environment is your context and context is everything.

We cannot tame the wind and it can change rapidly, but we can interact, be with it and see beyond it.

To understand the wind, you have to first sit still and observe its impact on the environment.  How fast is it going, to what direction and from where?  Does it carry a fragrance with it and/or some debris? How does it feel? It is only then that you start asking yourself deeper questions, and noticing how the wind interacts with the whole.

Wind brings about change, and we cannot expect things to change if we keep fighting what we can’t control.

And, as Socrates said:

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Imagine fighting the wind in the desert.  All you get as a response is sand in your mouth, your hair, your clothes… everywhere!  When your focus remains on those annoyances, you miss out SO much. You miss out connecting with the magnificence of what is way bigger than you.

You are exactly as the wind for people in your life, and people in your life also are as the wind.

We all have the power to bring about change. And what we focus on, determines the landscape of our environment.

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