Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday Episode 1- “Taming tigers” with the dimension of self-awareness

100% of leaders I coach have at least ONE person they are challenged by, or at a minimum not as comfortable interacting with, whether be it a colleague, employee, boss or client.

One of the direct results of flexing the dimension of influence of self-awareness in your leadership style, is developing more ease at dealing with difficult people.

One client once described my work in this dimension as helping them “taming tigers”.

In this video, find out which part of your self-awareness practice, makes your more influential with the wide variety of people you are dealing with.

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Welcome to Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday, your Oasis of leadership embodiment.

Being self-Aware is EXTREMELY attractive and always in style.

Your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness, and the more you understand yourself, the more you understand others.

Why? Because we are all mirrors to each other.

When you spot it, you got it.

And when what you spot triggers you, you gotta resolve it within you, or else it will control you and reduce your ripple of influence. You’re in the BEST hands with me to get to that resolution.

Self-aware leaders are more influential because they know who they are, have a clear understanding of their own abilities, understand their triggers and limitations, call themselves out when they make mistakes, and know how their actions and who they are being impacts the people around them. 

They don’t walk away from people they can’t deal with, because they take a look at THEIR behavior and automatic response around such people.  

There will always be at least ONE person you will have a hard time dealing with, at every single stages of your career, so may as well handle it now so you don’t run blindly into that situation again.  Every single person I coached has someone, weather a difficult colleague, direct report or boss.  It typically starts with them wishing this person quits, gets transferred or fired, to them becoming pros as dealing with difficult people.

So, keep in mind that flexing your self-awareness muscles in this case is crucial, but that it is also a very different skill from dealing with toxic people.

There will also always exists gaps between who you know yourself to be, and other’s perception of you. That’s why it’s vital to reassess regularly who you know yourself to be in various environments.

 Different environment, different triggers.  Different lenses, different filters.

Look – Influence starts when someone can relate with and respect you, regardless of your background, title or number of PHD’s. 

Leaders like that are much needed, wanted and infectious, as we live in a world with all kinds of people in it.

Change is constant and inevitable.  This means that self-awareness is an ongoing process because what makes you successful today, is not what will make you successful tomorrow.  …or else, evolution and innovation would not be words that exit in our vocabulary.

Share with me in the comments below or in private messaging the experience you just had and what it made bubble up within you. 

Until next time, thank you for watching, and I will see you next week with the dimension of values!

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