Snippet of Leadership Influence Wednesday Episode 3 – Cultivating the dimension of confidence.

Cultivating the dimension of confidence is part of an influential leader’s mental fitness regimen.

BUT, how do you do that in the face of uncertainty and daily challenges?


Confidence is not the absence of self-doubt.

It’s a choice we make, and an attitude we adopt.

Even the most confident people you can think of have fears, doubts, have days they want to hide under their covers and suck their thumbs, don’t’ have all the answers, live with uncertainty and get nervous.

Being a leader means you are committing to go place others don’t want to go, are scared to go or have never been.

So to lead, you have to embrace comfort around being first and being unpopular.  This brings the practice of confidence to a whole other level because every action you take is on YOU, and every action your team takes, is on YOU too. – Let that sink in a little bit.

Confident people distinguish themselves because they keep developing strategies to stand by their decisions, use their gut checks wisely, and know how to work with their resiliency muscles.  They also are influential because playing at that level of confidence, enables them to execute faster and makes them better at dancing with unpredictability, in the moment… 

…which leads to generating and delivering results, no matter how challenging the environment.  

This is all great in theory, but how do you CHOOSE confidence. Because confidence doesn’t mean you are right about everything either.

That’s where mindset work with me comes in.  I know, it’s a buzz word right now, so let’s get clear… A mindset, in short, is your current belief system and assumptions accumulated since you were born, that are driving all your actions both consciously, and unconsciously.  Core values for an example, as I was talking in the last episode, IS part of your mindset “system”.

So, the more you choose confidence in your leadership style, the more you can see the power you actually have over your current “circumstances”. (PAUSE) It also gives you the ability to create new contexts for yourself and let go of any state of mind you don’t know about that are holding back your leadership breadth.

Share with me in the comments below or in private messaging the one area in your leadership style you struggle the most choosing confidence?

Until next time, thank you for watching, and I will see you next week with the dimension of communication.

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