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Business training group organization concept. Team of students learning from mentor sharing common vision for education success as gears and cogs shaped as human head on gray background.

How wide is your capacity to be with others?

You are a high performer, a director, a manager, an executive or entrepreneur. You give your all, work hard and deal with people all day, everyday. They all want your guidance, your attention and a piece of you. They all come from different backgrounds with a variety of skills and personalities. You either love them all too much and spread yourself thin or are on the verge of losing it, getting pulled in multiple directions. You even wake up some days wondering how you will deal with all of them again. You want a break and recognition. If only you had it your way, everything would be so much better. Perhaps. Unless you are into dictatorship, having it your way all the time is not a sustainable path to getting ahead in your career. By ruling out people who do not think like you or blaming your performance or results on others, you will find your effectiveness in leadership suffering. One thing I notice all of the greatest leaders we love have in common, is …