How much do your choices dictate your results?

It is not rare that I will be out cooking in or eating out and have people say “why don’t you eat this, it won’t kill you” or “you do not need to loose weight” etc.

What most of people fail to see about choosing a lifestyle is that it is just a choice and when it comes to succeeding, getting ahead and leading by example, you have to be consistent. It is by being consistent with our choices that we move better, faster and get results.

Do I want my heart pump like crazy and feel sleepy an hour later because I ate too much sugar or do I want to feel energized throughout my day so I can keep focusing on positively impacting more lives? Choice.

Choice beats discipline and turns willingness into actions.

We are parents, leaders, friends, business owners, executives, high performers, change agents and so on. We are busy and on a mission. There are some days and areas of our lives that we go for easy and that is OK too.

There is nothing wrong with going for easy when we are empowered by that choice. It is up to us in the moment to stop and ask ourselves what results we expect to create by taking that route. The key is to not beat ourselves up over it because from any kind of choice we make, we get benefits.

We get benefits from not speaking up in meetings. It keeps us safe of saying the wrong thing or of being exposed. We get benefits from saying yes for the things we do not want to do. It has us be liked or look good.

…but what is the cost?

Anyone who has innovated, instilled change within organizations or rise to the top has made the choice to do so, consistently.

So tomorrow morning when you get up, ask yourself “what choices do I want to make today”. Let go of the “shoulds” and allow emerging yourself in your version of what getting ahead looks like. By doing that every morning and checking in with yourself at night, the way you go about your days and what you achieve will never be the same again.


Self-Expression Manifesto of the week: Choice beats discipline and turns willingness into action

Join the conversation: Share with us an area of your life that you are empowered by the choices you make everyday and get stellar results. What did it take for you to stick with that choice?

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