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The rise of female role models, inspiring the next generations

As much as I love my “celebrity” male role models, I had no idea how it felt to actually be really excited about discovering a strong career woman character who can navigate the “boys club” like no other… until I “met” Wendy Rhodes.

The media are bringing forth more and more of them and that is extremely refreshing to be able to relate.   And when 5 completely different people tell you, you should watch the series “Billions”, you do.

Women are strong, capable, beautiful, brilliant and influential.  They should not be shy to shine and stand tall amongst all.

Men are not scary.

Women are not catty.

When you look at someone in the eyes, you see no more genders, only the depth of someone’s mind and what it mirrors back to us.

Our mind (men, women and every gender in between) is the MOST powerful tool we have.   It knows no inequality when we dare to let it wonder to what could be. And it gets sharper and wiser the more we become self-aware of ourselves and how our environment perceives us.

So why do women feel pressured to perform, stand out or be taken seriously?

Why do they still feel they are not being herd?

I never talked about my stand on current women’s movements. To me personally, just talking about things is not enough…  It is important yes and a step forward, absolutely, but my coaching career brings me to guide extremely talented people to find the courage to act on their words, to focus and be their best self in challenging times and to expand their skills in ways they would have barely imagined they could, before working with me.  I chose to stay quiet, which is uncomfortable for me, until I found a way to contribute.

Something needs to change, and I am getting myself involved as part of the solution.  I believe there is nothing we can’t reinvent if are willing to rewire our mindset. It requires to discover part of ourselves we are less familiar with and allow our feminine selves to shine.

I will still be coaching men because I love them, they need it too and know MANY who are supporting women (THANK YOU FOR EXISTING – you know who you are), but the majority of my conversations in the next few weeks and the beginning of 2019 will be more womanly focused.

I want more career women to become inspirations, mentors and supporters for the next generations coming after them.


I also have an incredible network of diverse and qualified coaches around me… I am not and won’t do this alone. So if you are a coach reading this and feel compelled with this diversity & inclusion advocacy initiative, let’s talk.


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Leadership Minute Monday – Handing off the pizza cutter

Delegation is a conversation that happens at all level of leadership and you do not need me to tell you when, what and to whom.
No matter how seasoned  you are, delegating is not as easy as it seams.  It takes a lot of patience, trust, coach-like attitude and letting go.
In this two minutes segment, I share a pizza story that happened with my husband Todd, and he approves of the version… we’ve both been laughing quite a bit using it as an analogy since then and I could not fit it in only one minute!

Leadership Minute Monday – Predict your future by building bridges

The future knows no constraints, only the present does.
If you are looking for a culture shift within your business or oganization or simply value keeping your leadership skills fit, you have to be able to take a sneak peak at your future.
It will evolve as you evolve, yet you still need that vision today and it certainly is a mindet that will pay off and have your future self thank you for.
Have a great skills honing week!

Leadership Minute Monday – The Practice of Equanimity in Leadership

The practice of Equanimity in Leadership (and personal life) have invaluable effect on your mindset, the one of others around you and is an effective tool to manage stress.
Find out why on this week’s Leadership Monday’s guide.
“The space of awareness allows every content of mind to be or not to be, to come and go. Thoughts are just thoughts, sounds are just sounds, situations are just situations, and people are just being themselves” _ Rich Hanson, PH.D

Leadership Minute Monday – Commitment Mindset

As Paul Coelho wrote in “The Zahir”: “Freedom is not the asbsence of commitments, but the ablity to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me“.
In today’s episde I talk about the what the commitment mindset looks like in leadership.
Have a greats skills honing week!